Liberty Route

Talk to the Arisha: Gatekeeper

Talk to Arisha she has important information for you.

Talk to the Delfim

Talk to Dolphin, he needs your help.

12 White Fish

Kill the Leto Lizardman, Leto Lizardman Archer, Leto Lizardman Soldier, Leto Lizardman Warrior, Leto Lizardman Shaman, Leto Lizardman Overlord, Lord of the Plains, Shaman of the Plains, Warrior of the Plains, and Scout of the Plains monsters to collect 12 White Fish

12 White Fish
Collect 0/12 White Fish

Return: Delfim

Deliver the 12 White Fish to Dolphin.

Talk to the Wirphy: Gatekeeper

Talk to Wirphy she has important information for you.

Talk to the Orkush

Talk to Orkush, he needs your help.

15 Pure Spirit Ore

Kill the Timak Orc, Timak Orc Archer, Timak Orc Soldier, Timak Orc Warrior, Timak Orc Shaman, Timak Orc Overlord, and Timak Orc Troop Leader monsters to collect 15 Pure Spirit Ore.

15 Pure Spirit Ore
Collect 0/15 Pure Spirit Ore

Return: Orkush

Deliver the 15 Pure Spirit Ore to Orkush.

Timak Orc Gosmos

Kill the Quest Monster Timak Orc Gosmos and collect Tattoo Shaft, Powerful Liquid and Second Transfer.

Tattoo Shaft
Collect 0/1 Tattoo Shaft
Powerful Liquid
Collect 0/1 Powerful Liquid
Second Transfer
Collect 0/1 Second Transfer

Talk to the Tamil: Gatekeeper

Talk to Tamil, she has important information for you.

Talk to the Kusto: Ferreiro

Take the Tattoo Shaft and Powerful Liquid items to the blacksmith Kusto.

Talk to the Roy The Cat

Talk to Roy the Cat to level up your class.

Talk to the James: Buffer

Talk to James he has important information for you.

Adventure Guildsman

Talk to Adventure Guildsman she has important information for you.

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